How many viewings will it take to sell your home?

How many viewings will it take to sell your home?

 When listing a home for sale, we all cross our fingers and hope that someone will make an offer within the first few weeks and everything will be wrapped up neatly and quickly.

In reality, selling a home can take some time and your best approach is to present your home in its best light and have patience.

But how long on average does it take to sell a home?

New research has tried to answer this question and found that vendors are underestimating just how many viewings they will have before someone makes an offer.

In a recent survey, Quick Move Now, quizzed the public asking them how many viewings it would take to sell a house.

It was found that just over half of respondents (54.7%) believed that it would take six viewings or less before their home was snapped up.

According to data from Quick Move Now, this estimation is off the mark by some distance, as it was found that the average number of viewings before a home is sold is more than three times that amount at 19 viewings.

It was also found that this number has risen significantly over the past 3 years from 11 to 19, suggesting that over time buyers have become more patient and thorough when searching for a home.

The company’s director – Danny Luke – commented “It’s clear that the public are vastly underestimating the average number of viewings it takes to sell a property. 54.7 percent believe properties sell in an average of six or less viewings, and with 30.54 percent of the public listing the time it takes to find a buyer as their biggest worry when selling a property, it seems it is an area of concern for many people.”

Luke went on to say: “...a significant proportion of homeowners still assume that selling their property on the open market is the only option available to them. That is simply not the case.”

It is worth noting that other studies on the subject have found that the viewings don’t always go into double digits. It can also depend on where you live, as previous studies have found that homes in the north take less viewings than homes in the south.

Data released last year from Rightmove, revealed that the average time overall to sell a home was 62 days, which is just short of 9 weeks.

There are a few things you can do to get your home sold a little faster, such as clearing the clutter and staying on top of the cleaning. Doing all you can to make your home seem like a bright open space is vital.

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