Upcoming events this Autumn

Upcoming events this Autumn

With Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching you can find below some useful guides to local events taking place in our area. Including the ever popular Elland Round Table Charity Bonfire which is the biggest in Calderdale! Fast track tickets for the Elland bonfire are available to purchase at our Elland branch. 
This month we look at the uncertainty of Brexit and the resilience of the UK property market as well as giving you some useful selling tips.

Britain's property market defying expectations in run-up to Brexit

Given the way in which Brexit has dominated many aspects of life in the United Kingdom, it’s difficult to recall a time when the country’s property market remained unaffected by 2016’s landmark vote. Whilst the nature of our departure later this month remains shrouded in uncertainty, the property market has been able to continue to function whilst offering positive conditions for buyers to invest and purchase property.

Buyer numbers remain healthy
The latest data provided by NAEA Propertymark points to a healthy of amount of summer activity in the market, with the number of prospective buyers rising to 37% in August according to the number of registered house hunters per branch.

“The summer months can often result in the market quietening down as families stop for their holidays, but our data has shown demand continually increasing over the warmer period and the number of sales agreed remaining high for the fourth month in a row,” offered NAEA Propertymark’s Chief Executive, Mark Hayward.

Mortgage approvals on the rise
UK Finance figures offered even more encouragement for the market, thanks to a rise in both purchasing and remortgaging figures during August. 85,391 mortgages were approved by high street banks, remortgage approvals went up 0.1% and purchases of homes saw an increase of 3.2%, all positive pieces of news for the market.

Average rent prices see another increase
The average monthly price to rent a property in the UK saw a 2.4% increase over August from the same point last year, meaning that rent prices are now at an all-time high of £970 per month. All 12 British regions showed an increase in rental values over the last twelve months, thanks to data provided by HomeLet.

First-time buyers keen to make their move
It’s not unreasonable to suggest that the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit could have made a lot of first-time buyers wary of starting their property journey, but further statistics provided by UK Finance have suggested that this subsection of home purchasers is very much keen to get started in the market. The number of first-time buyer mortgages completed in July of this year was up 5.8% from the same point last year, offering further credence to the notion that buyers are keen to get on with their lives.

No one can quite predict where the country will find itself after October’s current Brexit deadline, but there’s enough encouragement in these recent updates to suggest that the market is heading towards the 31st of this month in a healthy state.

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Tips on selling as the days get shorter

As the days get shorter, it is more important than ever to present your property in an appealing manner if you are going to attract potential buyers. With that in mind, we have put together some season-specific advice to help you find a buyer…

Let in the light
Never is it more important in the year to keep your rooms bright and airy than during the change between seasons. This is because of how quickly the levels of light fluctuate, turning your lovely property into a less-appealing version of itself, with dark rooms and corners. To avoid this, use uplighters to brighten up your rooms during viewings – this type of lighting can be easily placed into corners or areas which may appear darker. Furthermore, blinds and curtains should be drawn back to allow plenty of natural light and don’t forget to turn any lights on in cupboards etc. to create multiple sources of brightness.

Keep paths clear
During this time of year, leaves may start to fall from the trees leaving debris around your property. Ensure that your kerb appeal is kept to its maximum by clearing away any errand plants and debris from your property, especially on the path to your front door where potential buyers will most certainly be surveying. If you have the time, consider tidying up your flower beds and removing and shrubbery which may not be looking quite as lovely as during the summer months.

Clean, clean and clean again
Of course, presenting your property in a clean and tidy state is a given, but it’s also worth considering any other areas that you can spruce up in order to maximise the available light. Clean your windows regularly to ensure that they sparkle for prospective buyers and let in as much natural light as possible (this will also help with the aforementioned kerb appeal). Clean your front door so that it looks at its best – many of us will have white UPVC doors to match double glazed windows, and if this is the case then use some bleach to rejuvenate it.

Increase the pressure
You want your property to seem cosy and inviting, and the drop in temperature gives you the perfect chance to make your home comfortable and welcoming. Turn the thermostat up so that during viewings your property is warm and incentivises viewers to really take their time looking around before they brave the cold weather once more. If you have a fireplace, think about lighting it up or at the very least light some candles.

The ideal home temperatures for our pets

With an estimated 51 million pets around UK homes, it’s clear that we’re a country that loves its animals. Of course, part of being a responsible owner/opener of cans of food is making sure that we take care of our pets, furry or otherwise. Given the increasingly hot temperatures experienced during June and July this year, it’s extra important to take care of them to make sure that they remain healthy.

To that end, one of the UK’s leading provider and installer of boilers, Boiler Plan has carried out a study into the ideal temperatures for a selection of animals, during Summer and Winter.

With 11.1 domesticated felines in the UK, cats are the country’s second most popular pet and whilst they may be infamous for showing a degree of ambivalence to their owners, they’ll certainly make their feelings known if they’re unhappy with their living arrangements!

Cats benefit from a temperature of close to 30°C at night time during the Summer, with a slightly lower temperature of between 25.5°C and 26.6°C ideal during Winter to allow them to grow their natural seasonal coat.

It’s unlikely to surprise you that our canine friends are the UK’s most popular animal companion, with a dog in almost a third of the country’s households. Dogs the temperature at home to be a little cooler, during both the Summer and Winter, with temperatures around 25.5°C and 20.5°C ideal to keep them comfortable, whilst also encouraging their natural moulting process.

More than perhaps any of the other popular pets on this list, it’s of vital importance for you to research the temperatures that fish require for their tanks, especially when it comes to tropical or coldwater types.

For example, common goldfish will be comfortable in a tank of 21°C whereas tropical varieties of fish need their water to be a little warmer with a temperature of between 24°C and 27°C. Don’t forget to check which conditions your fish will need before you purchase them, as a heated tank may be necessary.

Guinea Pigs
Our furry friends need an equal amount of preparation when it comes to providing an ideal habitat. For example, did you know that guinea pigs don’t sweat? Their hutch must be kept away from any direct sources of both heat or cold, with an ideal temperature sitting between 18°C and 23.8°C.

Most of the three million domesticated rabbits in the UK are kept in outside hutches, which offers something of a challenge when it comes to keeping their temperature comfortable and consistent. You’ll be looking to keep things between 15.5°C and 29°C, meaning that you could need to move their hutch to a garage or shed should temperatures drop or rise below or beyond those guidelines.