The latest property news

The latest property news

This month at Bramleys we are still busy selling and renting property across all five of our branches. We are also raising money to support 4 charities close to our hearts in memory of Peter Butler. Several members of staff are currently in training for the Leeds 10k event next month and other members of staff are kindly baking cakes for our offices to raise additional donations in support of these amazing causes. 

Peter Butler Memorial Run

Peter Butler had been Senior Partner at Bramleys for nearly 40 years and a good friend to all that knew him. He sadly passed away 2 years ago from a sudden heart attack and is hugely missed by all his friends and colleagues at Bramleys and the wider community.

July 8th would have been Peters birthday and in celebration of this a team of 13, comprising staff and a couple of ex staff members and Lynsey Marshall from Forget Me Not, will undertake the Leeds 10k the day before, Sunday July 7th.

They have chosen 4 charities to support, The British Heart Foundation, Kirkwood Hospice which was a cause close to Peter’s heart, Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice who were a great help to one of our staff who sadly needed their assistance and Overgate Hospice who have be there for the families of several of our team in recent years.

Please help us raise as much as possible in Peters name for these great causes.

Click here to read Peter Butler Memorial Run.

How many viewings will it take to sell your home?

 When listing a home for sale, we all cross our fingers and hope that someone will make an offer within the first few weeks and everything will be wrapped up neatly and quickly.

In reality, selling a home can take some time and your best approach is to present your home in its best light and have patience.

But how long on average does it take to sell a home?

New research has tried to answer this question and found that vendors are underestimating just how many viewings they will have before someone makes an offer.

In a recent survey, Quick Move Now, quizzed the public asking them how many viewings it would take to sell a house.

It was found that just over half of respondents (54.7%) believed that it would take six viewings or less before their home was snapped up.

According to data from Quick Move Now, this estimation is off the mark by some distance, as it was found that the average number of viewings before a home is sold is more than three times that amount at 19 viewings.

It was also found that this number has risen significantly over the past 3 years from 11 to 19, suggesting that over time buyers have become more patient and thorough when searching for a home.

The company’s director – Danny Luke – commented “It’s clear that the public are vastly underestimating the average number of viewings it takes to sell a property. 54.7 percent believe properties sell in an average of six or less viewings, and with 30.54 percent of the public listing the time it takes to find a buyer as their biggest worry when selling a property, it seems it is an area of concern for many people.”

Luke went on to say: “...a significant proportion of homeowners still assume that selling their property on the open market is the only option available to them. That is simply not the case.”

It is worth noting that other studies on the subject have found that the viewings don’t always go into double digits. It can also depend on where you live, as previous studies have found that homes in the north take less viewings than homes in the south.

Data released last year from Rightmove, revealed that the average time overall to sell a home was 62 days, which is just short of 9 weeks.

There are a few things you can do to get your home sold a little faster, such as clearing the clutter and staying on top of the cleaning. Doing all you can to make your home seem like a bright open space is vital.

For more help on how to present your home in its best light, you should talk to us.

Lettings developments - The Tenant Fee Ban

If you’re a tenant or landlord, then it has been hard to avoid all of the recent coverage of the Tenant Fee Ban. Essentially, the new Act means that tenants will no longer be charged for extra services from June this year.  Take a look at the key points below to make sure that you are up-to-date with the latest legislation, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord.

Headline changes:

  • Landlords will only be able to hold up to 5 weeks rent as a tenancy deposit.
  • The holding deposit, to ensure the tenant application, can be no more than one week’s rent.
  • All other payments will be banned with the exception of contractual default penalties.

What can no longer be charged for:

  • Charging for a guarantor form
  • Credit checks
  • Inventories
  • Cleaning services
  • Referencing
  • Professional cleaning
  • Having the property deflead as a condition of allowing pets in the property
  • Admin charges
  • Requirements to have specific insurance providers
  • Gardening services

Two default fees are exempt from these changes and can still be charged for should the tenant break the Tenancy Agreement. These exceptions will have to be written in to the contract, however, in order for a landlord to be able to charge tenants, despite being also highlighted in the new legislation;

  • Late rent fees

Under the new Act, landlords will be able to charge a late rent fee for payments more than two weeks overdue. The fees can be charged at an additional 3% plus the Bank of England base rate at the time, but this must be charged on a pro-rata basis.

  • Lost keys

Once the new legislation comes in to the place, a landlord may only charge up to £5 for a replacement key, and they must provide a receipt.


To read more about The Tenant Fee Ban click here to see the legislation in full.

10 home décor ideas to transform your home

Now that spring is just around the corner, the much-welcomed extra sunshine might be shining a light on some of the less-polished parts of your property. If you’re thinking that a good spring clean won’t quite cut it this year, then follow our 10 home decoration ideas to instantly transform your home…

1) First impressions count

We all know that it is tough to change a first impression once it has been made, and the same is true for our properties. If you don’t have a grand entrance hallway, and even if you do, it is important to create the right aesthetic as soon as you step through the front door. Depending on the size of your entrance hallway, choose an appropriately-sized console table with a few choice ornaments and you’ll create an elegant first impression. A traditional table with some tasteful art above it will set a sophisticated tone, and an on-trend transparent table with high-gloss accessories will create a chic and modern atmosphere.

2) Mirror, mirror on the wall…

If you have a staircase in your home, it is easy to see it simply as a passageway to the next level of your home. Similarly, if you live in single-storey accommodation then you will most-likely have a hallway that you see simply as a thoroughfare. Instead of treating these spaces as utilitarian, turn the walls in to a gallery by hanging a variety of antique mirrors, an eclectic mix of photo frames or a mixture of both. Charity shops and antique shops are a great place to source interesting frames and mirrors, and as an added bonus, the reflective surfaces will help to brighten up the staircase or hallway.

3) Feng shui your home

When it comes to transforming your home, it’s not just a case of spending money – using what you already have in a different way can have equally stunning results. Rearranging your furniture is simple enough to carry out, but it can change a room entirely; throw the rule-book out of the window when you are experimenting with where to put your furniture and see what looks best. In the living room, for example, arrange your furniture around a coffee table rather than facing the television and you will create a much more social space.

4) Don’t neglect the accessories

One of the most cost-effective ways to update your home is through accessories; by simply enhancing what you already have through a few choice items you can take your home from drab to fab. Of course, the essentials of throw cushions, blankets and ornaments (such as candles and vases) are the holy trinity when it comes to jazzing up your room; however, you can also branch out to lampshades, wall hangings and art. By rotating your accessories seasonally, you will keep your rooms looking fresh, on-trend and reflecting the time of year.

5) Flower power

If you’re going to do one thing to your home in order to quickly refresh it, then adding flowers is a great idea. Placing some nicely arranged flowers in a clear glass vase will make any room feel more cared-for and elegant, all for only a few pounds!

6) Create a dreamy sleep-space

A good night’s sleep is essential for all of us, but the bedroom is often the last room that we renovate as it isn’t on show, like the living room or kitchen often is. Indulge yourself, and step-up your property’s style by investing in some bed linen. Plenty of cushions twinned with a matching throw at the foot of your bed will instantly make your bedroom feel more sumptuous, and you’re guaranteed to sleep soundly in your upgraded boudoir.

7) Don’t shrug from the rug

Floor coverings are costly and time-consuming to replace, so if you’re looking for a quick-fix to update your home then we wouldn’t suggest laying a whole new floor. Something that will make a difference, however, is the use of rugs. A simple rug can change the whole aesthetic of your room, and the choices are endless; you can choose from boho, rustic or traditional and small, large, long or wide. Experiment by layering rugs and creating interest in your floor spaces without the expense of having to change the whole floor covering.

8) Curtains up

Curtains are more than a privacy aid, they can add colour, texture and interest not only to your windows but also throughout the home, if you are brave enough to use them creatively. Using curtains as an alternative to a door can add rich texture to your home and using a contrasting colour will make them pop against your walls.

9) Let there be light

Something that can make a room feel dark and dreary is a lack of light. If you want to transform your home, then changing the light fixtures, or adding in some extra lighting can make all the difference. Ensure that your ceiling lights aren’t dwarfed by heavy lampshades which are constricting the amount of light in the room – current trends favour glass lighting fixtures anyway, so changing your lampshade should be a simple fix. We’d also recommend adding in some uplighters and floor lamps to the corners of your room in order to avoid the wasted dark spaces which we are often guilty of neglecting.

10) Make a statement

If your walls are looking a little plain, or you’re simply looking for a way to brighten up the room then statement art is the answer. Easy to change and rotate with the seasons, statement art such as large-scale photography or something abstract will transform even the most listless room.